iPhone Cable used as a Tracking Device to Track SMS and Phone Calls

iPhone Cable used as a Tracking Device to Track SMS and Phone Calls iPhone Cable used as a Tracking Device to Track SMS and Phone Calls In this world of fast moving technology, our privacy is at stake. Threats to computer system have been all around since technology was born and now the smartphones are no longer a safe den for communication. Nowadays, not only the Android, which is the most commonly used mobile operating system has been vulnerable to spywares in more than a thousand apps including those officially available in the app store.
Recently, it has been widely proliferated not just through mobile apps, but also accessories are used as tracking device- specifically speaking of the iPhone cable. Well, you don’t have to worry about if you are using the original iPhone cable, but there are reports that there are other third party cables available online that basically allow people to track you in every way it can.
Like the one shown above, these cables houses a hidden SIM card slot that simply connect to GSM mobile networks and can be used for nefarious activity. It’s freely for sale in one of the famous online shopping marketplaces, Amazon, and in other online stores. There are plenty of USB and iPhone cables are in store that can be used phone calls and SMS tracking device that listen and track SMS as well as your location. Here’s how it works: these cables are connected to a power source they can use a SIM card to connect to a mobile network. Though the hardware is unsophisticated, however can send both audio and very coarse location data to a third-party.
Tracking for the location system works using the GPRS and cell tower information to simply track down the location. The system isn’t sophisticated and is not precise as well. But what’s more worrying about this is its feature that has the ability of the cable to detect sound over a certain threshold and then call a pre-programmed number. Shortly after that, this is relays the sounds they heard near it, be that a phone call or conversation, and allows a third-party to listen in.Moreover, not only that the cables can do that, there are also USB power adaptors that have the same SIM functionality. Cables and power adapters like this should also be a concern of a worry to the firms that also need their security, they may well not be noticed in security checks and definitely could be responsible for a lot of sensitive information walking out the front door.
Obviously, this is just the tip of the iceberg and all other stuff you can buy on Amazon and in any other online stores. It’s unsurprisingly possible that there are more advanced devices could do more than this, download data from your phone and upload it to third party. More so, you can also do some serious tracking on someone was Wi-Fi or 4G built into these devices.
What are the security measures you can do to avoid being tracked?Here are some good security measures you need to consider, and these applies to all sort of things.
1. Don’t trust mobile and convenient charging stations. Don’t ever plug your phone to charging stations or in any place you are not sure of safety.
2. Don’t borrow phone cable wires from someone you don’t know and you don’t trust.
3. Inspect cables and adaptors if ever you borrow them.
4. Don’t let someone hold your phone even for a minute, especially those you are not familiar with.
Aside from these tracking device used to monitor people’s whereabouts, tracking is also made possible through mobile apps that specifically and seriously track SMS, location and other personal important data. All these nefarious activities can be avoided with cautions, and simply just be aware as much as possible. Always remember that the key to safety and security is caution.





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